Thursday, June 26, 2014

Serena & Lily Design Shop - San Francisco

The first stop on our trip to Napa was one night in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.  We always love kicking around some of the great neighborhoods ... Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights ... grabbing some breakfast, popping in the little local shops. This time, on my to-do list was checking out the new Serena & Lily Design Shop on Sacramento Street.

I have loved Serena and Lily since I started getting their catalogs many years ago ... when they just sold nursery and children's bedding.
I think it's great that they have created a Design Shop where you can actually touch and feel all their pretty fabrics and products.
Upon entering the store I was greeted by this gorgeous vase of calla lilies, and this invitation:
I love this! Inspiration, collaboration, imagination ... and a few dreams thrown in ... isn't that what great design is all about?
Just beyond this entry table the walls were lined with colorful eye candy.
I love their vibrant prints and fabrics.
They also have a nicely curated collection of paint colors. How fun to showcase them on a surfboard?
I love this soft and pretty nursery ...
I have always liked their patchwork Natural Hide Rug, so it was neat to see it in person. And how about the wallpaper?

Here is another little vignette that made me happy ...
A fun way to style your bar cart!
I have also drooled over their online art collection ... so this little corner of the store stopped me in my tracks.
But that's not all ... if you wander all the way through the store and peek out back ... there's another little surprise.
A peaceful little nook in the middle of a big city.  I have a serious crush on that Double Hanging Rattan Chair.
And speaking of a sweet spot to sit ... I got my new kitchen barstools!


What do you think? They are from Wisteria and I have had a crush on them for some time.
Also ... who can resist a sweet smelling bouquet of lilacs?
 Enjoy your summertime adventures!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Napa Valley Design Inspiration Part III: Hotel Yountville

Well, summer has begun! It has been a crazy week with end of school activities, picnics, parties ... you know the drill.  But before too much time passes I wanted to continue my Napa Valley Series ... there was just too much design inspiration on this trip not to share!
Next up, Hotel Yountville, where we stayed for 3 fabulous nights after our first night in San Francisco.  I had a feeling I would love the design based on their website but I was excited to see it in person.
We were greeted at the entrance to the lobby by bicycles ... free to guests for zipping around the cute little village of Yountville ... a very nice touch.
Inside, the lobby was beautiful ... a perfect example of rustic elegance. Rustic vault truss ceilings with sleek and sophisticated furniture and little bit of sparkle.

I loved these lamps. (Yes I was the only weird person taking pictures of lamps in the lobby.) And notice my favorite fiddle leaf fig in the background!

I love the soft neutral palate with a few pops of green.
And this look continued in the guest rooms. Wide plank wood floors and a sliding barn door as entrance to bathroom ... swoon!
Simple white subway tile in a chevron pattern and natural stone floors gave it a bright yet cozy feel.

And in the bedroom area ... the same gorgeous ceilings, a canopy bed, and a stone fireplace.
(Just realized I never snapped a pic of the cute seating area in front of the bed!)
Of course the outdoor areas were just as swoonworthy.  Who wouldn't want to recreate this little vignette in your own backyard?
(Love those giant lanterns.)
Even their little restaurant was cute. We had breakfast there our last morning.

Again, fresh and neutral with wood beams and pops of color.

Although we actually ate outside ...

Breakfast risotto for me ... seriously, could it get any better?  Us Moms know that a breakfast someone ELSE makes that you can eat SITTING DOWN is one of life's biggest treats! Am I right?

Happy summer everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Napa Valley Design Inspiration Part II - Oxbow Market

There were so many great design elements all throughout Napa Valley, but one place I thought was really fun and captured the laid back, colorful, sensory experience Napa offers was Oxbow Public Market.

Their website calls it "The local gathering place for great food & wine in Napa Valley" and I think that's a perfect description. It is at the base of the valley, in the town of Napa, so we stopped there on our way up from San Francisco.

Not only is it a visual feast for the eyes ... but you can have a pretty tasty feast just walking around to all of the vendors.

Besides sampling your way through wine, cheese, oysters, spices, liqueurs, honey, olive oils, cupcakes or ice cream, they also have a fun restaurant called the Kitchen Door.
The vibe inside is just what I like a kitchen to feel like ... light and bright with some rustic and vintage elements and pops of cheery color. Nothing too precious or fancy ... just warm and cozy and the kind of place you'd like to hang out, laugh and eat!
( A much larger version of my copper pot collection!)

The bar was very cool ... made of old wine riddling racks ...
This would be a fun idea to copy at home!
If you are in Napa, be sure to make a stop at Oxbow Market.  We were glad we did!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Design Inspiration in Napa Valley: Part 1

Let's just be clear ... as I write this post, I am still in my 30's.

However ... last weekend, I may have been in Napa Valley to celebrate an upcoming birthday that begins with a 4.

As anyone who's been to Wine Country knows, it is kind of like walking around in a fantasy world where the sun is always shining, the views are always stunning, the wine is always flowing ... and there's not too much else to do besides drink it!
However, in between tastes of wine, I was still able to do a little "work" so to speak. Between some of the wineries, our hotel, the restaurants ... there was design inspiration everywhere!
So ... I thought I'd bring it to you in a few different posts over the next week or two.
This first post has to be about the amazing home of Bob Long, owner of Montagna Winery, who graciously invited us to enjoy a picnic lunch with him on his estate. (Locals, Bob used to be a part owner of Yorktown Mall.)

Pretty much the best picnic ever ...
But equally as thrilling was touring his stunning home.
Although it looks like a century old Villa you might find on an Italian mountainside, it is actually a relatively new home.
Sunny and bright with tons of charm and meticulous details.
I would kill for those beamed ceilings.
A cute little wood burning fireplace in the kitchen .... but not to worry ... there's a much larger one in the living room ...
... that you can actually walk into ...

Here's a cozy seating area in the "Guest Wing."
And here's a peek into the Butler's Pantry ...
One of my favorite elements throughout the house were these black metal doors ...

But of course, the views from them were even better ...


And yes, the grounds were equally as awe-inspiring ...
(yep, that's an infinity pool off the terrace)

... gorgeous gardens ... and I would love to have this ivy growing up the side of my house.

A big thank you to Bob for his wonderful hospitality ... and to our dear friends Paul and Amy who joined us on this great adventure.
Stay tuned for more Napa Valley Design Inspiration!
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